Making food. Listening to punk. Food punx.

first, we made pizza and oreo inception cookies. they were both pretty fucking good. and they were both vegan. cool. we found the recipe for the pizza dough online. just google it. then we put pasta sauce, “cheese,” “pepperoni,” green peppers and garlic on it. it was pretty good. while the pizza was doing whatever, we made cookie dough for the inception cookies. we got that recipe from a book. whatever. instead of baking a ton of inception cookies, we ate most of the cookie dough uncooked by dipping oreos in it. whoops. we baked 6 of those, even though the recipe would have allowed for a lot more. whatever. those turned out fucking great.

while making all of this we listened to:
Tigers Jaw - S/T
Jeff Mangum - Live At Jittery Joe’s

after everything was out of the oven and we hadn’t burned the apartment down, we watched Adventure Time, and tried not to let the sugar comas we had entered kill us. rad.

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